How to Add Music on iPhone 7 Without iTunes Easily

Even kids love music. They love singing if they know the lyric, and humming if they do not. Music can inspire us, make us relaxed and touched. We listen to music for all activities we have. To enjoy music on iPhone, we must download the songs from the iTunes store. However, you can download it without iTunes. To add music on iPhone can be by using Apple Music. If you’re iPhone 7 users, the steps below will guide you how to add music on iPhone 7.

how to add music on iphone 7

How to Add Music on iPhone 7 through Apple Music

Below are the steps you can do to start adding any music on your iPhone 7:

  •  Open the iPhone’s Settings. Go to the Home Screen and find a gray gear icon app. Please note that you need an Apple Music account to add music to your iPhone 7.
  • Scroll down and find Music. Music is at the halfway down of the Settings page.
  • Slide Show Apple Music to “On” position. If it turns to green, it is active. Now you can access Apple Music Library.
  • Slide iCloud Music Library to “On” position. Green means you are enabling this option to let you download some music from the Apple Music library to iTunes.
  • Tap Keep Music. It allows you to save all the original copies of the music and anything you want to download it from the Apple Music.
  • Slide Automatic Downloads to “On” position. It turns green. It is the sign that all music you add to the iCloud Music Library is ready to download. The downloaded music is in the storage so you can play it while offline.
  • Press iPhone’s Home Button. It will minimize the “Settings” app and go back to the Home Screen.
  • Tap Music. Choose a white app with a musical note.
  • Tap Search. You can find it in the bottom-right corner of your phone’s screen below a magnifying glass icon.
  • Tap the search bar. It is at the top of the page below the Search heading.
  • Tap Apple Music. It is on the left side of the page, below the search bar. It helps your search queries to look through the Apple Music, not your library.

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