How to Backup iPhone 7 by Using iTunes and iCloud Easily

iPhone 7 has some exciting apps that make people buy it. They do not care to spend a lot of time to stand in the lines just to get it. They collect their best photos and videos or enjoy the instant messaging, and email. The more items you save, the more storage volume you take. When you save contacts to the device, it starts storing data that requires you to backup if you do not want to lose the data forever. How to backup iPhone 7 can be by using iCloud and the smart integration of iTunes. These methods provide you fast and easy backup.

How to Backup iPhone 7 Using iTunes

iTunes on your computer or Mac is configured to help you back up your iPhone anytime you connect it and sync the device. The default settings make iTunes can work to backup your iDevice.

Backing up on iTunes will provide you a raw physical data placed in folders so you can shift or move it around as you need. There will be no issue like someone is hacking your iCloud account. Your data is safe if your PC is okay.

how to backup iphone 7

To start, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. Open the iTunes on the computer and right-click on the device from the sidebar. Choose Back Up Now. Alternatively, click on the device name that is on the top, you must click on Back Up Now under the summary tab.

How To Backup iPhone 7 Using iCloud

It is the safer and easier method that most users recommend this backup. You do not have to plug in your device, and it works without manually backup.

To start, tap on the iCloud. Scroll down and choose Storage & Backup. Make sure that the iCloud Backup is on. Your device will warn you that the iPhone will not auto-sync once you connect it to iTunes. After that, you can choose OK.

Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and choose Backup Now. The device starts the backup safely.

By using iCloud backups, your iPhone has backed data automatically to your iCloud account. The iCloud account provides you 5GB of free storage. The storage is upgradable to help you save more photos, Safari data, Mail, and others.

The big change is when you connect your iPhone to the computer in the next time, iTunes will synchronize it, not backup it. It means you have to backup your data manually to save new files on your computer.

Those are the guide to help you on how to backup iPhone 7 through iTunes and iCloud.

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